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Are you looking for prompt and efficient Storm and Flood Restoration? You are at the right place. Flood Services Australia are your local experts to handle all your water extraction and water damage-related services. We know precisely how challenging it can be to deal with sudden water damage and flooding, and it’s not something you can handle on your own.

We understand that these issues can crop up all of a sudden, and when you see water flooding into your home or commercial building, the only priority is to stop further damage. We act quickly and send out our local water damage Australia experts to your location ASAP!

Keep the Flood Services Australia number – 1800 908 908 handy so you don’t have to scramble for help when faced with such a situation. We provide a quick response and reliable and efficient services. Our highly trained staff is here to help with all your Water Damage and Flood Restoration requirements. We have all the training, tools, equipment, and resources needed to tackle even the most challenging Water Damage Restoration projects skilfully


If water floods your residential or commercial property and soaks all your carpeting, you must not delay contacting professionals for wet carpet cleaning. Flood Services Australia is one of the most renowned companies in this space Read More


When you experience water and storm damage, you need to respond quickly. A delay in addressing the problem will only exacerbate the situation resulting in rot, mould buildup and structural damage to your property. At Flood Services Australia, we know precisely how crucial a quick response is in a flood situation. Read More


While sewage leaks and overflows are not a very common occurrence, they can happen sometimes. More often than not, this creates panic on the property. Sewage cleanup is not an easy task, and it’s never a good idea to attempt handling it yourself. Read More


Mould remediation is typically part of water damage restoration processes. Only skilled and experienced professionals like us at Flood Services Australia can handle this expertly and efficiently. As a company with extensive industry experience, we have the resources, knowledge and skills to tackle this specialised job safely and quickly. Read More


The one sure-shot way to minimise storm and flood damage is to act quickly. The sooner you call us, the better the chances of us salvaging your belongings and possessions. You never have to think twice about contacting us because our services are highly affordable.

Our team's rapid response to your call helps reduce the risk of mould build-up. Mould and mildew are incredibly damaging to your property and all the features in it. In addition, mould can grow very fast, and the spores begin to spread throughout the property very quickly, creating an unhealthy atmosphere in your home or commercial establishment.


Flood Services Australia is your local flood and water damage expert. We provide a range of services under a single roof, such as wet carpet drying, structural drying, sewage cleanup, drying wooden flooring, mould remediation and flood restoration. We never falter or fail in providing you with quick services. Our reliability, efficiency and affordability are some of the things that set us apart from other operators in this industry.

As mentioned earlier, the longer you wait to contact us, the greater the risk of mould build-up and damage to your property. It’s why we also maintain a very short response time. Our water damage restoration team will be at your premises within the hour. They work systematically, salvaging all the items and features in a reasonably good condition while disposing of the rest responsibly.
We cart away items like carpets and furnishing that need specialised drying, cleaning or restoration and store them at a different location. Our experts will clean dry and sanitise all these items before bringing them back to your property after its cleanup and restoration is complete. We make sure that all the areas of your property are clean, dry, dehumidified, sanitised and restored in no time.

We aim to remove all the water from your property as quickly as possible, as it helps prevent additional damage to your furniture, flooring, and other household items. We are the structural drying experts, and our team uses the latest technology and tools such as thermal imaging devices, moisture measuring devices and more.

Using these devices helps our team get accurate readings and understanding of where the problem lies so they can handle these issues before considering their job complete. We provide you with all the reports so you have a clear understanding of what we are doing and how we are going about it. For the best Water Extraction Services Nationwide, call Flood Services Australia.

Reliable Water Damage Expert

If you are looking for reliable, skilled and competent flood repair and flood restoration, you are at the right place. We salvage as many items as possible and restore your property to its original state as quickly as possible. At Flood Services Sydney, we offer a wide range of services under a single roof, including:

If you need any of these services,

Call Flood Services Australia today

Whether you are dealing with flood damage or need sewage backup cleaning services, we are the professionals to contact.

Why Opt For Our Nationwide Flood Damage Repairs?

There are several reasons to call us for all your Flood and Water Damage Restoration requirements, such as:
  • Industry leaders in flood damage restoration
  • Years of experience in the field
  • Licensed and insured company
  • Serve clients Australia wide
  • Cater to residential and commercial clients
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Free estimates
  • Offer flood restoration, wet carpet drying, structural drying, air purification, sewage cleanup, mould remediation and odour control- all under a single roof
  • Work with your insurance provider and help with you claims related paperwork
  • 24/7 emergency water damage restoration


If you are faced with an emergency like flooding or pipe burst on your property, contact us without delay. Our trained and experienced Flood Restoration team will be at your location within the hour. However, you must take certain steps to reduce the damage while you wait for our team to arrive. This is what you should do:

Call Us immediately on 1800 908 908


Stop the water leak if possible


Take photographs of the Water Damage


Move your furniture to a dry location


Ventilate flooded areas


Arrange direct access for our Technicians

When our team arrives at your property, they will act quickly, assess the level of damage and create a flood restoration plan. We offer detailed and affordable flood damage repair services. As mentioned earlier, we provide comprehensive solutions and help you with all the insurance and claims related paperwork. Our experts will also liaise with your insurance company, which takes a lot of the burden off your shoulders.

For additional information about our water damage restoration services


If you have experienced water flooding and damage to your property, your contents or property insurance may cover damage to floors, carpets, and structural drying services. Contact us now; our team will be at your site within the hour to assess the damage and handle the flooding restoration work. They will extract the water, dry all the features and the structure, dehumidify and sanitise all the areas to restore normalcy on your property. Call Flood Services Australia for more information and details about our comprehensive solutions. We offer these services to both residential and commercial clients nationwide.