Sometimes, stormy weather causes flooding, while at others burst pipes and leaks are the culprits. Flood Services Australia provides efficient and prompt Water Extraction services. Regardless of how severe the flooding is or the cause of the problem, we can help. It’s never a good idea to try to extract the water and dry your premises yourself. Hiring novices for the job is another big no-no.

This job requires skill, knowledge, the proper training and equipment, and that’s where we come in. We are a highly experienced and reputable company. Our experts understand the severity of the issue and the need for quick action. The longer you allow standing water to remain on your property, the greater the chances of damage to various features in it.


We follow this work process when you call us for Water Extraction and Restoration:

  • When you call us in this situation, our rapid response team reaches your location within the hour.
  • They assess and survey the site.
  • The team will then plan out all the tasks related to water extraction and determine which equipment and tools to use.
  • They will pump out all the stagnant water from various areas
  • All salvageable items like furniture, carpets etc. that are in good condition will be removed and stored at a safe location. We will clean, dry and sanitise all these items before bringing them back to your property once we have restored the property to its pre-flood state.
  • The experts will then install commercial-grade, high-speed fans to dry all the elements and installations there. This is the best way to mitigate the risk of mould and bacterial growth in the water and moisture-laden environment.
  • We then use an antimicrobial application that destroys bacteria that might have begun breeding in damp settings.
  • They will place dehumidifiers and monitor the moisture levels until normalcy is restored.
  • We leave absolutely nothing to chance, and our experts work safely, skillfully and rapidly to protect your property from further damage.


As you can see, water damage can destroy various features, including wooden floors, carpets, multiple installations, walls and the building’s structure. In this situation, you need skilled and experienced Water Extraction Australia professionals like us. While we never compromise on quality, reliability and expertise, we maintain very competitive pricing. It’s why you never have to think twice before hiring us.

The cost factor and our quick response are just some aspects that set us apart from other operators in the field. There are several other reasons why we are the preferred choice of a significant number of property owners throughout the country, such as:

  • Front-running company in the flood damage restoration industry
  • Highly experienced and skilled technicians
  • Licensed and insured operator
  • Serve residential and commercial clients nationwide
  • One-hour response time
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Free estimates
  • Provide water extraction and all-round water damage restoration services such as structural drying, wet carpet drying, sewage cleanup, air purification, odour control, antimicrobial spraying, and expert mould remediation
  • Our team coordinates with your insurance provider, which eases the claims process for you
  • 24/7 emergency water extraction restoration

24/7 Emergency Water Extraction Nationwide

No matter when you face a flood situation on your property, call us. There is always someone operating the phone lines and will dispatch a team of water extraction professionals to your premises within the hour. Our prompt response and expert and appropriate solutions help prevent the water from causing more damage than it could if there is a delay.

We use equipment that helps our team complete the job speedily without demolishing or disrupting any portion of the structure. We dry all the visible elements and handle structural drying, which is crucial in maintaining your building’s structural integrity.

Regardless of when you need our services, we are here to help through the day and night. Call Flood Services Australia at XX-XXXX-XXXX or write to us through this Contact Us form, and we will respond quickly.